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This factor standarises technical results, taking into account feed conversion, mortality and daily gain The formula is: (Average grams gained/day X % survival rate )/Feed Conversion X 10 So with an average growth of 61 g (for instance an end weight of 2,257 kg in 37 days) and a survival rate of 96% (100 - 4% mortality) and a feed conversion of .kW=One kilowatt is equal to 1000 watts. kVA=kiloVolt-Ampere. P.F=Power factor. How to convert kW-kVA to Power factor in only 1 step. Divide kW between kVA, for example, if you have a microwave that consumes 1kW and 1,2kVA, you must divide 1kW between 1,2kVA, the result will be a power factor of 0.83. (1kW /1,2kVA = 0,83)

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Mar 27, 2018 · A guide to calculations relating to yarn and cloth and all processes of weaving.It includes reed count, reed width, Maximum EPI for a particular count, weave density, crimp percentage, cloth cover factor etc. A guide to calculations relating to yarn and cloth and all processes of weaving.It includes reed count, reed width, Maximum EPI for a .Select your screen's aspect ratio and input any dimension to calculate your screen's overall viewable area. 16:9 16:10 2.35:1 2.40:1 1.85:1 4:3 1:1. Push values to Other Calculators. #N#Foot Lamberts Calculator.


Example: A 20 KVA transformer on domestic load, which can be taken as of unity power factor, has a full load efficiency of 95.3%, the copper loss then being twice the iron loss.Calculate its ail-day efficiency at following daily cycle: no load for 10 hours, half load for 8 hours, full load for 6 hours. Solution: Full load output = 20 x 1 = 20 kW Full load input = output/efficiency = (20/95.3 .Aug 06, 2016 · A worked example showing how to apply our efficiency equation to a motor.

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Circulation: Defining and Planning 1. Determining an organization's space needs . typically begins by itemizing the various space types, their area, and quantity. The subtotal of this calculation, also known as Net Area, is then adjusted to take into account pathways leading to .Aug 05, 2016 · The basic formula for calculating productivity is a ratio of outputs produced to the inputs used in production. Productivity = Output / Input. There are so many different kinds of production processes and all these production processes have peculiar inputs which differ from one process to the other. For this reason, the productivity formula for .

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1. Partial factor productivity. This formula is made up of the ratio of total output to a single input. Managers tend to use this formula most often because the data is available and easy to access. Also, partial factor productivity equations are easier to relate to .Jun 27, 2017 · The efficiency formula is a measure of the efficiency of processes and machines. The basic formula is a ratio of output to input expressed as a percentage: efficiency = (output / input) × 100. The energy efficiency of a machine that consumes energy is calculated as the useful energy that is output by the machine as compared to the energy consumed.

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Jan 19, 2017 · Efficiency Formula: Calculate Operator Efficiency and Line Efficiency by Prasanta Sarkar-January 19, 2017. The efficiency formula is used for measuring batch production efficiency and workers' production efficiency. The efficiency is the work output from an operation, divided by work input from the same operation, and expressed as a percentage .Calculate the Emission Rate in lb/hr. Calculate the emission rate by using one of the following methods: If the emission factor is in units of pounds per quantity of fuel (gallons or cubic feet): Emission Rate [lb/hr] = Fuel Consumption Rate [unit/hr] x Emission Factor [lb/unit] If the emission factor is in units of pounds per hp-hr power output:

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May 22, 2018 · In addition to the general inclusion of power factor in efficiency calculations, it is important to note that the power factor is line and load dependent. Efficiency requirements, such as DoE Level VI, require the efficiency to be measured at several points (25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% load) at both high and low line voltages.Thus, the pile group efficiency is equal to the ratio of the average load per pile in the group at which the failure occurs to the ultimate load of a comparable single pile. Efficiency of a pile group can also be obtained by using Converse – Labarre formula: Where m = number of rows. n = number of piles in a row. d = diameter of pile end.

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Efficiency factors are used in performance rating and remuneration calculation exercises. The efficiency factor is an extremely simple to use and readily comprehensible index, the prerequisite being exact time management for maintaining the allowed times.2.3.2 Screening Area Calculation (VSMA Calculation Method) The screening area is calculated by the formula defined below: Qu is the amount (t/h) of undersize particles in the feed. Qspec is the specific screening capacity. S is the safety factor between 1–1.4 and .

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The aim of this chapter is to present a review of the techniques used to calculate the energy conversion efficiency limit for solar cells with detailed calculation using a number of numerical .Oct 31, 2004 · In order to determine missing values of efficiency and/or power factor, the formula is the same as for single-phase except the 1.73 is included in the calculation. Three-phase (Percent Efficiency/PF) = hp x 746/E x I x 1.73. Use this formula just like the single-phase version. Relationships Between Rpm, Cfm, Pulley Dia., Horsepower, And Motor Amps