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Our penny press machine is a time tested and proven way to add interest to your site while making money. We realize that "down time" means money lost. We build our machines to keep you "up and running" with a minimum of maintenance and upkeep.Squished Penny Locations . Fri, 07/06/2007 - 3:53pm. Frisbee Golfer. 12 years. Hello, I am brand new to the Garmin world as was wondering if anyone is also a collector (actually my 6 year old is)of squished pennies? I travel almost 100% for my job and this is one of cheaper collector items I bring home to him. . Count me in as a GROWNUP who'd .

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Penny Press Machines! Now you can have your own penny press machine! . You Keep All Of The Income. Generate BIG dollars from less than two square feet in your shop, and you keep ALL of the income! To learn more about our souvenir penny machines. Our Creed: We understand the value of high quality, long lasting machines. We will never .Used penny machines and used penny press machines, used elongated coin machines. Save money on trade-ins on used souvenir penny press machines. Whatever you call them - penny smasher, penny crank, penny press machine, coin smasher, quarter press, dime press, penny pinchers, souvenir press, and squished penny machine - they all roll or press .

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Currently, there are penny, dime and quarter pressed coin machines at Walt Disney World. These machines are primarily run electrically, but most of the new machines have been the four die hand crank variety. These pressed coin machines feature designs containing Disney characters, theme parks, attractions and special events.Jan 05, 2011 · These machines are commonly found at amusement parks and other popular tourist destinations. Basically, for 50 cents, the machine will flatten and emboss your penny with a commemorative design. If you experience a case of buyer's remorse, you can always unload your pressed penny on eBay. So, what caught my attention was a statement on the .

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May 29, 2019 · Penny Press Machines for sale - Made in the USA Let us help you with your custom images with our 25 years experience. Many cabinet styles to choose from. Unlike other penny machine manufacturers, Penny Press Machines offers its presses for sale, or for placement in qualified locations at no cost to the location. Purchasing one of our elongated .You know, the kind of machine where you insert a penny along with (typically) 50 cents — then you turn a crank or push a button and out comes your penny — which is now flattened and imprinted with a new design. These kinds of coins are called elongated coins. They are also sometimes called pressed pennies, squished pennies, and squashed .

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Machine Map. With our map of over 3300 penny press machines. You can find a penny press in no time in just one click or search for an area like "Disneyland" and see all the penny press machines in that area. Click the image below to search our machine map.A Penny Crusher - is a machine you put 50cents in, and a penny, choose your design, and the machine will crush/press your penny in to that design -- there are great inexpensive souveir, there also known as pressed pennies. I have never been to the HRC - soo I don't know about that one, but I .

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Mar 30, 2017 · The only machine of its kind! This machine combines a penny crusher with an animated, talking character with custom messages, that actually appears to helps the customer crush the penny into a .penny crushers at universal studios - Orlando Forum - . Feb 21, 2010 · A Penny Crusher - is a machine you put 50cents in, and a penny, choose your design, and the machine will crush/press your penny in to that .

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The Contempory Penny smashing machine is available in black. Each penny press machine produces souvenir elongated coins your customers will want to save forever! All of our souvenir penny press machines are proudly made in the USA! Penny Machines USA produces quality, customized penny press machines. These souvenir coin machines are also known .Penny Collector is here to provide you with all your pressed penny needs. Whether you are a dedicated collector or just getting into the hobby all your accessory items can be found on our site. Purchase a set, press a set and fill up those books and bandz!

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Penny-Smashing Road Trip Millions of tourists visit Colorado each year with a short list of things to see while they're here: Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Estes Park, the Coors brewery and the like. But for some 'elongate collectors', the pilgrimage to these locations is .This is a map of penny press machines from around the world. We have mapped most of the penny presses in the USA.